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it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

it’s all about the bird. 

fear the heat. 

fear the heat. 

fear the heat. 

fear the heat. 

fear the heat. 

our proprietary spice blends are inspired by traditional hot chicken.

To make sure we get it right, we source fresh ground spices from only trusted vendors. Each heat level has its own distinct flavor, not just increased heat. You can taste the difference.

recipes from the heart made from scratch with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. no boxed mixes or shortcuts.

Whether it’s the farm-fresh, 100% air-chilled, never-frozen, steroid- and antibiotic-free chicken, locally baked brioche buns, fresh local produce, one-of-a-kind french fries, or cold craft beer from a nearby brewery, BIRDCODE is committed to using the highest quality ingredients available.

“With a single bite, you’ll understand why we call it “The Excellent Chicken.”

From humane animal welfare to our 100% Air Chilled method, everything we do adds up to healthier, more flavorful food. No antibiotics. No added water. No junk.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers:

jeffery babin
jeffery babin
July 26, 2022.
There Chicken is AMAZING . Very delicious
Kimberly Scott
Kimberly Scott
July 23, 2022.
Delicious Fried Chicken, amazing flavor on the spices. My husband and I have ate here on a couple of occasions and look forward to many more visits. They have different levels of heat for their chicken. •You have the Country which has no heat, but a good honestyle batter. •Mild which has very minimal heat. •Medium heat starts to get a little burn (one of the heats we typically choose, not the most flavorful weirdly enough, but still really good), •Hot as they describe burn baby, burn (This is the other heat we typically get and the flavor is amazing with this one, you do get a burn, but the flavor is kickin') •Code breaker (their menu states) Do you really want to do this? Try at your own risk. I love some spicy food and some days I can handle spice better than others, but be acknowledgeable about how much you can take. I want to try code breaker, but their hot usually puts me down. So if you can't handle spice order accordingly! (For some clarification which may help to order, I have been known on some days to find a McDonald's Spicy Chicken sandwich too spicy, but then there are days when I can sit down eat fresh jalapeños straight and chicken with ghost pepper seasoning without an issue and not be satisfied because I'm looking for something spicier. An average spice day for me would be somewhere in between) The one and only complaint would have to be the price, my husband, myself and my inlaws each got a meal, 1 drink each and 2 banana puddings. With tip the total came to just over 90.00. I will say this, the taste and texture of the chicken is undoubtedly amazing and all the price point does is makes it so we may not eat here as often as we would like, but we will continue to frequent this establishment.
William Meyer
William Meyer
July 12, 2022.
Chicken cooked perfectly! Hot Honey sandwich to die for! Excellent Crinkle cut fries with just the right amount of crisp.Place is super clean Service is excellent!
Jason Morgenthau
Jason Morgenthau
July 8, 2022.
Tenders… Mac… Cookie… rough day at work gone… Best Hot Chicken in CT!
  •   "Only got this moment, you and me
    Guilty of nothing but geography
    Close your eyes and see
    And we'll be birds flying free"

    Nashville Hot Chicken is still blazing hot, at least in terms of its popularity and spicy heat levels.

    A perfect example is BIRDCODE, because when I swung by for lunch today there were zero parking spots available.

    Their menu is a treasure trove of chicken choices- sandwiches, nuggets, and tenders. All of them are prepared in your choice of heat level (country, mild, medium, hot and code breaker). It all depends if you want zero cayenne pepper, or something between a sprinkle and a downpour of cayenne on your chicken.

    Fries, bowls, salads, and sides round out the menu, so you really have a tremendous choice for your meal.

    After I ordered, I took a seat and a few minutes later my food was delivered to my table.

    I went with the Green Bird - a salad of shredded Kale, shaved Carrots, and Red Cabbage topped with three medium spiced chicken tenders served with Apple Cider Vinaigrette on the side for $14.

    The chicken was terrific. The tenders were big and meaty and the medium heat level was plenty for me.

    Bottom line? The food was very good, as was the service. Oh, and the dining room has some very cool painted artwork.

    thumb Dan R.

      AMAZING!!! Amazing sandwiches...mmm..mmmm..mmmm!!!
    The 'Sando' is great, followed by the 'classic' followed by the 'hot honey'.
    Spice levels are great!! If you are unsure of the heat, start from the medium.


    Wish they had regular cut fries 🙁 Crinkle fries are never crispy!
    Bring back dark meat options pls!!!!
    I binged on the THIGHDOs and before that on the hot honey 1.0 with the fried thigh.

    Psst...any chance of becoming a fried chicken joint?

    Small but Great local beers on tap.. sip of sunshine

    thumb Sajeel A.

      Chicken sandwich got the original -it was so delicious!  Crispy flavorful fried chicken breast nestled between a buttery grilled brioche bun; topped with vinegar slaw and pickles.  Only thing to add is cheese sauce.
    Sandwich is LARGE so bring your appetite!

    Fries were flavorful on their own and came with a side of ranch (your choice). Ranch was homemade and delicious!

    Hot says CAUTION! for a reason! Friend who thought they could handle it didn't do too well after.

    This so beats any fast food version of this and you won't be sorry. It ran $17 with fries & drink  but worth it!

    Friendly staff too!

    thumb L T.
  •   Shout out to TIM! We come here often because the food ALWAYS hits the spot but tonight made us love Birdcode even more. I had ordered @ home to come pick up and eat in and made a few mistakes ordering. Tim came out, didn't make me feel bad at all about me ordering my own food wrong (so embarrassing) and with a big smile he told me not to worry about it and he'd fix it. In less than 5 minutes our food was out, hot and SO good. One happy fam here 🙂 Birdcode has out heart....AND STOMACH!!

    thumb Cara K.

      We got two classic sandwiches that came with a side each, and we got one side of fries and one of Mac and cheese for an extra $1. We also got banana pudding.

    The sandwiches were the best darn chicken sandwiches we've ever had. Perfect crisp. So buttery. This beats out every other fried chicken sandwich we've had.

    The fries were also surprisingly good for crinkle cut. I usually don't like those type of fries because they're not crispy enough but these actually retained crisp and also were so buttery.

    And the Mac and cheese was also amazing. I wouldn't say it's better than Panera Mac and cheese, like another reviewer said, but it's definitely close. It's different, less cheese, more buttery creaminess, but very tasty.

    Honestly, the banana pudding wasn't bad at all, it just didn't compare to the level of awesomeness that the other food items had. It tasted like a typical banana pudding.

    My stomach hated me afterwards, but honestly it was worth it. We will definitely be back!

    thumb Laura C.

      Awesome!!! Had chicken tenders with shake fries, the BEST!! Never had a bad meal  all employees ate friendly & helpful .

    thumb Sue E.

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