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the business


birdcode is a unique, scalable, multi-footprint franchise model focused on area development using strategic operator and site selection.

Our partnership with Charter Realty & Development gives us access to real estate teams on the ground nationwide. The supply chain fulfills locations via a commissary-fed US Foods and Bell & Evans Chicken delivery system, while still sourcing local supplies for high-quality produce and local craft beers.


*These numbers are based on West Hartford performance 11/1/22-10/31/23.


Average Monthly Revenue (Closed Mondays)


Average Transaction


Average Monthly Transactions


Team Labor


Cost of Goods Sold


Since day one, the team at birdcode has been focused on integrated technology solutions to reduce costs while providing our customers access to our products at their fingertips.

Our partnership with Square Franchise Suite has allowed us to integrate a branded app with third-party providers while still allowing for a first-class in-restaurant experience. In the kitchen is the latest Kitchen Display System that is designed to maximize production. As we move toward the future, we remain committed to artificial intelligence and robotics to help pave the way for new advancements.


Square for Restaurants, Square KDS, Jolt Operational Software, Restaurant 365 Inventory Management System, Custom ordering App and Web App from Square Franchise Suite fully integrated with Square POS.


Focused on equipment that maximizes productivity and safety while retaining the integrity of our products.


Dedicated to implementing viable solutions for operational tasks to reduce costs and provide a safer, more enjoyable working environment for our team members.


BIRDCODE’s strategy has focused primarily on paid advertisement via TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, with a strong push toward remarketing to drive increased traffic.

Internally, the BIRDCODE Loyalty program and Marketing program through Square provides discounts, rapid ordering, and access to specialty items via app integration and email/text direct to customers. Collateral is produced by the marketing team at Hatch 130 to uphold a singular brand voice.



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