Company-Owned Development

Continued development of company-owned units is core to the growth of the brand and our team.

With the goal of 20 units by 2028, 2023 will be used to develop units in Darien, Canton, and Brookfield, CT. In the year 2024 and beyond, the company will focus on units that will be strategically placed throughout key markets across the U.S. for both branding opportunities and to create economy of scale. These units will allow the team to better understand the consumer nationwide, test products and technology, and support adjacent franchise operators.

Franchise Development

Staying local while growing nationally at an accelerated pace requires proven operators on the ground who know the ins and outs of their market.

BIRDCODE’s Area Developer franchise program is focused on experienced, multi-unit franchise operators who are passionate about their team, technology, and growing their business. The franchise operators will work alongside leadership and our partners at Charter Realty & Development to identify dynamic properties focused on longer customer retention and return on investment.

Franchise Fee:

$450,000 ($45,000/unit)






Preliminary Area Development Agreement Deposit:


Development Agreement (balance of deposit to be credited):


Franchise Fee (will be credited from the Development Fee):


Plan, Development, Permit:


Leasehold Improvements, Construction:


Furniture & Fixtures:


Equipment & Smallware:




POS, Technology:




Initial Training:






Grand Opening Advertising:




Working Capital:




Direct to Consumer

birdcode is more than just a restaurant and we want our customers to have access to our products worldwide.

Using a digital direct-to-consumer model in conjunction with the commissary, we can provide retail, spices, and sauces via the BIRDCODE website and potentially Amazon. Our food can also be available to other markets using GoldBelly.com.

Commissary Development

in order to maintain quality and consistency while supplying both our area developers and consumers.

The team intends to construct a commissary kitchen facility. This facility shall be integrated with US Foods supplying proprietary food items (such as: Spices, Breading, Sauces…etc.). In addition, the commissary kitchen will directly support the direct to consumer business as well as our branded merchandise program.



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